Guaranteed the lowest prices of the Benelux

Cobli, the lowest prices, guaranteed

Fear not, but we know exactly what you want. As such not surprising after being in the business for 40 years... That is exactly the reason why our collections are high quality, made to measure, timeless and trendy and above all.... affordable!

No unnecessary costs

We compare our offer on a daily basis and make sure we are one step ahead of Veneta, Heytens, Ikea and others... Just have a look around: you won’t find anywhere else such blinds for such a price. But how is this possible? , are you probably thinking. It’s very simple: we don’t have any brick shops or luxurious showrooms. This enables us to offer you simply lower prices than our competition. We skip all the middle men and offer this price advantage to you, our customer. A no brainer, if you ask me.

Done in a jippy!

We ask you as well to fit the blinds yourself. Two left hands or lack of self-confidence? Don’t worry mate! With our fitting manual, you’ll get the job done in a jippy without having to spend a big amount of money on professional installers. Don’t worry as well about quality and service... we can easily be the most economical player and deliver beautiful high quality made to measure blinds. We’ll show you !

Does it get any better than this?!

Almost convinced? Be prepared for the final push: with every single purchase – from a roller blind to a venetian blind – we offer you a 5 year warranty. Controls are jamming? Curtain coming loose? Once the product doesn’t do any more what it is supposed to do – alert us immediately through your account and we’ll find a quick solution. Does it get any better with a 5 year warranty? And if it wouldn’t, we’ll be in touch!

Guaranteed the lowest prices in the Benelux

*All prices include VAT*

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